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    The CommunityOS

    The CommunityOS is more than a software platform, it is a movement. It is a community of 30,000 humanitarians who use technology to coordinate services, work together and help people in need.

    Our Vision

    We want to help you help others...better.

    It is simple: we want to help you help others...better. Your work is more effective, outcomes are more substantial, and resources are better leveraged with the CommunityOS ®.  You can manage the clients you serve, coordinate the assets and resources you provide, communicate well with your partners, funders, board, volunteers and staff, and build the reports to demonstrate your success with one integrated solution.

    Working With Partner Agencies

    The CommunityOS supports multiple programs and agencies on the same platform, while giving each department or entity its own customized tool set. This is the best of both worlds: built to sustain partnerships, but giving each partner the custom tools they need to do their own work and satisfy their own funders. Costs plummet while coordinated assistance becomes not only possible, but the norm.

    We can help you build your vision.

    A single instance of the CommunityOS is the perfect backbone of a cross sector, community-wide initiative. Use it for a 2-1-1 or information and referral program, while also supporting homeless management, elder care, and a tax assistance program. Or use it to coordinate volunteers for several agencies, while also helping disaster relief agencies plan for and respond to a crisis. Regardless of how you choose to leverage the resources in your community, the CommunityOS ensures that you are the hub, and not a spoke connected to the outside rim of the wheel.


    The 5 Core Modules

    We give you tools to tell your story, share your success, and recruit more to your cause. Every Community Operating System comes with a website that is easy to build and easier to manage. It can also be integrated into your existing web site(s). Your database of services and resources can be searched by the public; real-time maps plot data and help decision makers distribute resources; reports of met and unmet needs, services provided, and outcomes of your work can all be fed live from your system to get the good word out. Publish real-time results via the web, print to paper, distribute on thumb drives, or make accessible by smartphones.


    Client Management
    This is the toolbox for tracking and managing the work you do with your own clients.  From basic registrations to long-term relationships, from client intake to full case management, from needs assessments to objectives and outcomes, use our templates or build from scratch. And the result can be static and simple, or comprehensive with dynamic and conditional forms. Just as you can build the forms you need for your work, so can each of your partners build the forms and reports they need to do their work. Each with the tools you need, yet working together.


    Resources & Assets
    This part of the system captures all information about organizations, programs, services, sites, facilities, opportunities, publications and more, that are specific to your work.  You can share directories with other organizations, or you can manage your information privately.  You can also connect the dots between needs, assets, and your clients for a comprehensive solution.



    The CommunityOS offers some seven layers of reporting, from information about visitors and general use to very specific built-in reports. Create and export reports on anything that you put into the system. Use powerfully simple tools to explore data in new and insightful ways. We also include new hard copy printing tools and elegant solutions to distribute your information offline.



    They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So the value of real-time mapping images are worth...? The CommunityOS gives you tools to create maps of all sorts of information about clients, assets, resources, boundaries, and even social media feeds pertinent to your work. And we make it easy without having to be a GIS expert. Rather than ask your board to read the latest analysis, show them what you know about the constituencies you serve and their proximity to services.  This is your heads-up display for real-time insight.


    VisionLink® Support

    We offer some of the best support in the industry. How? We work interactively with our customers to design new features and review emerging strategies in the field. Our Help Desk is staffed by real people, who know what they are doing, and who understand your work. They respond to more than 95% of all inquiries in a single day. In addition, we have a Jump Start team who can help you get your CommunityOS up and running quickly, and in a way that builds on the lessons of others who have done this before. After all, working together we all work better.


    Getting Started

    Typically, this all starts with an email or a phone call. We would be more than happy to chat about your ideas, the technology you need, or the consulting which may be useful. We can set up a demonstration, or you can talk to our consulting team to decide if we are a good match for you.

    Often, it makes sense to see an actual online solution which is why we encourage people to request a demo. You can also talk to some of our customer-partners who can describe how we have supported their work over the years. It may make sense for us to set up a prototype, so you can see how we can meet your precise and specific needs.

    Once we start working together, our Jump Start team listens to you and helps to build out what you envision. Our Help Desk and Training teams will be there for you every time you have a question, and our Strategic Advantage team can help you overcome resistance from partners, define the benchmarks of success, and implement your overall work successfully.

    We are but a small band of good people, helping forward-leaning leaders get their work done better.  Whether you need a small but important next step, or a comprehensive solution yesterday, let's start.